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Our Farm's Story

B&B Farms is a family farm in Alpena Michigan owned and operated by Ben Nowakowski and Brook Alloway. At B&B Farms we practice rotational grazing. Our cattle are moved daily which supports animal health and helps build soils.  We use no-till farming practices, non-GMO pasture and hay. All beef and lamb products sold are from our animals, raised on our farm from birth to finish, pasture raised, grass-fed and grass-finished, free of antibiotics and hormones. 

We assure delicious and nutritious meat from happy cows, with regenerative farming practices that are good for the environment. What you choose to eat for dinner can nourish the body, mind and soul. 

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Our Family's Story

Ben was born and raised in Alpena Michigan.  His Grandparents had a small herd of dairy and meat cattle.  As a young boy and teenager Ben was often tasked with helping on the farm, clearing fields of rocks before planting or lifting square bales during harvest.  He was often overheard muttering to himself how he would never grow up to be a farmer, and yet here we are a few decades later. . .  Ben has been farming for over a decade now on his own land.  He continues to improve and incorporate sustainable and regenerative farming practices as B & B Farms moves farther and farther away from conventional farming. Though he and his grandparents do not share much in their styles of farming practices, they share a lot in their love for land and lifestyle.  Ben and Brook were married in 2017.  Our son Gus was born in 2018 and daughter Rosie in 2019.  Even though Gus and Rosie are small, and Brook's hands are usually full of babies, we all help out where we can.