Beef by the Quarter, Half or Whole

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If you have the freezer space buying a quarter or half of a cow is much more economical than buying beef by the cut. A quarter or a half a beef is $3.25 per pound hanging weight plus processing (usually $.50 depending on the processor) so $3.75 per pound total hanging weight. My animals usually weigh 650-750 pounds when hanging. Hanging
weight is the animal after harvest without the head, hide, feet, or viscera.

Hanging weight varies based on the frame size of the animal and the time of year. Early maturing animals will reach a “finish” at a younger age and typically lighter weight; usually around 650 pounds. Later maturing animals will spend more time growing frame or lean muscle and will take longer to reach a “finish” and will typically be heavier as they are
3-6 months older.

A Beef that hangs at 700 pounds will cost $656.25 per quarter. This quarter will yield
approximately 117 pounds of beef to put in your freezer.
Yield will depend on how you ask the processor to cut and package the animal. Bone in vs boneless cuts etc. $656.25 per quarter yielding 117 pounds of beef works out to $5.60 per pound of beef in your freezer. If you eat steaks and roasts this is a bargain compared to buying beef by the cut.

A quarter is not the front or the back half of the side of beef. A half is sold as two quarters and as the animal is processed one cut goes to one customer and the next cut goes to the other customer. So a quarter of a beef is an average of the whole side of beef. Another advantage of buying beef by the quarter is you can specify how you want your steaks cut and packaged, what size you want your roasts to be trimmed to, and to what fat/lean ratio you want your burger ground. Depending on the processor there are also other options for snack sticks, sausages, brats, and sandwich meats as well.

For animals sold by quarter I use two local butchers who do on farm harvest. The Advantage of on farm harvest is that the animal never leaves the herd (a HUGE stress for a herd animal) and is never put in a trailer or an unfamiliar environment. The animal dies with a mouthful of grass never knowing that anything out of the ordinary is going to happen. Once the animal is harvested it needs to hang for at least two weeks to age. The quickest time frame from order to pick up is usually one month.

If you would like to purchase a Quarter, Half or Whole Beef you may do so online through our online store.  You may also order over the phone with Ben. We require deposits for these orders and highly recommend calling Ben (989) 255-7901 to talk details.  

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