Beef by the Quarter, Half or Whole

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If you have the freezer space, buying a quarter or half of a cow is much more economical than buying beef by the cut. You receive a great variety of cuts. Some cuts, like tenderloin, are easy to prepare. However, short ribs, beef shank, or a chuck steak can be amazing too. It takes an adventurous spirit, and understanding that each cut will have its own unique texture and flavor. If you are inspired, it may be time to buy a quarter and fill up your freezer!

What you get 

Beef! On average 100-125 pounds (take home) per quarter

(take home is %65 of hanging weight)

25% Steaks

35% Roasts

40% Burger

Plus tongue, liver, heart, oxtail and soup bones

Half Cow = 200-250 pounds take home

Whole = 400-500 pounds take home

(20 pounds = 1 cu. ft. of freezer space)

What you pay

$3.25/lb. hanging weight

Hanging weight is the animal after harvest without the head, hide, feet, or viscera. Hanging weight varies based on the frame size of the animal. Early maturing animals reach a “finish” at a younger age and a lighter weight. Later maturing animals reach a "finish" at an older age and a heavier weight.

Hanging weight per quarter is 150-200 pounds on average

Quarter Cow = $550-$750

Half Cow = $1,100 - $1,500       INCLUDES BUTCHERING FEE

Whole Cow = $2,200 - $3,000

This works out to around $5.50 per pound for beef in your freezer.  It's a great deal if you like steaks! Our local grocer sells grass-fed and grass-finished ground beef for $8/lb and the quality does not compare to ours.

Butchering fee is approximately 50 cents a pound. We ask for $100 deposit per quarter to reserve beef for Winter 2021.

In 2021 we will be using three butchers for animals sold by the quarter.   We prefer to use local butchers and those who do "on-farm harvest". The advantage of "on-farm harvest” is that the animal never leaves the herd (a stress for a herd animal) and is never put in a trailer or an unfamiliar environment. When we are unable to harvest our animals in this manner, we send our animals by trailer to butcher shops. We always send 4 or 5 animals at a time to reduce the stress of sorting and trailing, so that the cows are relaxed when butchered. Once the animal is harvested, it hangs for two weeks to age. Aging helps tenderize the meat and bring out robust flavors. It will be another week for the butcher to cut, wrap and freeze meat before pickup. 

We sell animals by the whole, half or split quarters. A split quarter is the average of the whole side of beef, not a front or back. When your quarter is hanging, we will provide you with contact information for the butcher at which point you can call with cutting orders.  You can specify how you want your steaks cut and packaged, what size you want your roasts to be trimmed to, and to what fat/lean ratio you want your burger ground. Once you place an order and we receive a $100 deposit per quarter, we will schedule your order.  If you prefer one style of butcher to another, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  

If you would like to purchase a Quarter, Half or Whole Beef please contact us by phone, Brook (989) 590-7544 or email We highly recommend contacting us to discuss details.