Our Practices

A few things will never change...

  • B&B Farms is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef.
  • We avoid herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.
  • We avoid antibiotics, growth hormones, and chemical treatments.
  • We avoid tillage.

Instead, we employ these sustainable methods:

Rotational Grazing
The cows are moved daily (from mid-May until mid-December) fertilizing the fields as they graze across 200+ acres of perennial pasture. This improves soil fertility and allows the grass to regenerate before it’s grazed again.

Soil Amendments

We use the herd to manage fertility, as best as we can. Where fertility is still lacking, we experiment with applications of organic materials, such as compost, sawdust, elemental sulfur, etc. 

Species Diversity

At B&B Farms, all of our pastures are perennials. We strive to maintain a dozen or more varieties of legumes, grasses, and forbs to keep the biome happy and the soil alive.

No-Till Planting

Where diversity is lacking, we frost seed or no-till drill additional plant species to avoid disturbing the soil.  

Pasture Raised

We keep our herd healthy by keeping them outdoors, with plenty of room to graze. They have trees and terrain for natural windbreaks and access to a barn in the coldest of months. They have fresh pasture in the spring to keep them out of the mud during calving. 

If you have read this far and are still curious, mark your calendars for our Annual Fall Farm Tour, the last Saturday in September.

People have been asking about Organic and mRNA vaccines. We are not certified organic, however we do not use chemical treatments on our land or animals, and do our best to source hay, mineral, and other amendments from like-minded farms.  We vaccinate our calves around 6 months of age NOT with mRNA vaccines.  This is totally allowed with organic farming.