Grass-fed and Grass-finished

No grain is fed at B&B Farms. All animals graze on pasture during the growing season and are fed dry hay and balage during the winter months in paddocks of 10 acres or more. We work to extend our grazing season by no-till planting annuals on portions of our pasture so that the cows and sheep are out grazing for as long as we can manage in Northern Michigan.

Beef Suet

Great for deep frying or feeding song birds!
Avg. 1.5lb .

Brisket Flat

Half brisket for a smaller family
Avg. 3lb .

Brisket Point

BBQ at it's finest - at a good size for smaller families
Avg. 3lb .

Chuck Roast

This is a top end roast with great flavor. Some roasts can be a bit dry but not this one! Cook low and slow.
Avg. 3.8lb .

Chuck Steak

Dry salt 24 hours before cooking and the chuck steak is as tender as the higher end cuts at half the cost. Chuck steak has superb flavor on its own.
$1.00/lb. savings
Avg. 1.2lb .

Denver Steak

fourth most tender muscle section.They are also extremely juicy and full of flavor.
Avg. 1lb .

English Roast

A boneless and tender roast also known as a Shoulder Roast or Pot Roast, great for oven-roasting or braising
Avg. 3.2lb .

Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steak is the second-most tender steak, next to the filet mignon with a big, bold beefy flavor like New York strip
Avg. 8 oz.

Ribeye Steak

Boneless, tender & Juicy - A top end steak
Avg. 10.4 oz.

Rolled Rump Roast

lean and best when slow cooked.
Avg. 3.5lb .

Shank - Beef

If your a lover of marrow, cartilage, and all the good stuff that isn’t meat this is for you.
Avg. 1.25lb .

Sirloin Sizzler

Already tenderized and ready to sear
Avg. 8.8 oz.

Sirloin tip roast

A very lean roast best for slow cooking and/or braising.
Avg. 3lb .

Tenderloin Roast (whole tenderloin/fillet mignon)

This is the most tender cut of the beef. No marinade, tenderizing or spice necessary, the flavor is there. Dinner party and for special occasions.
Avg. 3lb .

Top Sirloin Roast

Oven roast, braise, best when roasted and carved into thin slices. Juicy and tender
Avg. 3lb .

Tri-Tip Roast

A very flavorful yet leaner roast, cut into steaks or smoke or grill whole.
Avg. 2lb .