No Hormones

Hormones or replacement hormones are never used at B&B Farms. We guarantee there will never be trace hormones in any beef or lamb products.

Beef Back Ribs

Bone-In Ribs ready to BBQ
Avg. 1.5lb .

Beef Kidney

A unique organ meat
Avg. 1.25lb .

Beef Suet

Great for deep frying or feeding song birds!
Avg. 1.5lb .


Seasoned with salt and pepper and smoked for up to 12 hours, brisket is juicy, tender, BBQ flavor and melts in your mouth.
Avg. 10lb .

Brisket Half

BBQ at it's finest - at a good size for smaller families
Avg. 5lb .

Chuck Eye Steak

A low-cost alternative to the Rib Eye Steak. A savory cut great for grilling. Smoke it - low and slow on the grill and you can't beat it.
Avg. 1.2lb .

Denver Steak

fourth most tender muscle section of a heifer, steer, or cow.They are also extremely juicy and full of flavor.
Avg. 1lb .

Marrow Bones

Marrow is delicious and nutritious!
Avg. 2.5lb .

Pastured Pork

One whole delicious, ethically raised Pig

Petite Steak

The petite steak is a small flavorful and tender steak perfect for the light eater.
Avg. 3.5 oz.
Avg. 3.5lb .

Shank - Beef

If your a lover of marrow, cartilage, and all the good stuff that isn’t meat this is for you.
Avg. 1.25lb .

Sirloin Steak

Get the fillet mignon with the top sirloin at a great price
Avg. 2lb .